How about a wine that is devoid of intoxication, but still enlivens the consumer? The cannabis industry has been abuzz in recent times, and continues to interest people with its vast use, especially where it is blended with CBD edibles such as beverages or wines. Interestingly, CBD infused wine is not a novel concept, this ancient practice dates as far back as the Egyptian times of civilization when it was a popular trend to infuse herbs especially cannabis into wine

What is CBD infused wine
CBD wine is mostly dealcoholized wine in which the alcoholic content (inebriating content) of the wine has been removed, and is then blended with a CBD emulsion, or infused with CBD compounds. The effect of the de-alcoholization of the base wine means that while CBD wines might look similar to normal wine, the flavor and taste of the CBD wine will differ from the base wine.

Infusions vs. Emulsions, and the future of CBD wine blending
It is a general trend now to use blended emulsions while making CBD wines, but earlier processes favored the use of infusion as the blending process. While there seem to be little difference in the results of the two processes, there is a world of difference in the process involved;

Infusion Process: this method involves submerging the cannabis plants kept in a bag (similar to a ‘teabag’ in baked-powdery forms) directly into the wine container, similar to what was done in earlier times. The downside to infusion process is that it extracts all terpenes, of which some might be distasteful or harmful, and it has since become an outdated method.

Blended Emulsion process: this involves creating an emulsion of CBD; they can be oil-based/water-based and have high solubility. A big advantage of the CBD emulsion is that only the desirable terpenes and flavors are smoothly blended into the wine. Further research on emulsion (Nano-emulsions) is creating minute CBD particles that are stable, and this invention is proving revolutionary in the Agricultural and food industry. The growing market for CBD wine and the great rave for CBD wine

An important aspect that has led to a surge in the demand for CBD wine is the fact that:

You can enjoy your wine without side effects
People can now enjoy a non-alcoholic wine that calms their nerves, enlivens them but does not bring with it the negative effects of hangovers.

It is a good substitute for teetotalers
It has also proven to be a great option of a beverage for those who don’t “tamper with” alcohol. Since it does not contain alcohol, it is creating a whole new market amongst non-alcoholic drinkers and the middle aged population

Ability to control the dosage
Just like alcohol and other beverage, CBD wine offers low dose servings that can take effect in as quick as 20minutes and last as much as an hour. Of course this is an improvement of CBD wines infusion in the past which were high in potency and a bit nasty in taste.

Future advancements in technology and research will increase competitions in the CBD wine industry and help relax government policies and laws prohibiting the use of CBD. For example a producer (Rebel Coast) made a new set of CBD wine that will be ingested sublingually (through capillaries in the cheek, gums and mouth).This method will improve the time it takes the CBD to take effect in the body.