Marijuana Wine! Seems like an exciting term; especially to those who are in love with weed and wine as well. It appears like fulfilling both your wishes in one go.

With the legalization of marijuana in most countries, many creative people are making efforts to design more advanced products of this natural herb and marijuana wine is one of the most popular inventions among all.

From past several years, we are more aware of aromatized and infused wines only. You might have heard about the fermented grape wines, mint-infused collections, honey flavors, and the exotic snake wine that is popular in Vietnam. But there is something unique about weed wine. Indeed, it is a step ahead of the fortified and aromatized wines.

Are marijuana wines legal?
Well, there is no clear answer to this question. If we consider the rules and regulations that were revised in November 2016, marijuana has been legalized in California for recreational needs. Majority of people at that time voted in favor of Prop 64, and with this, the Golden State become the latest state in the United States to legalized ganja for recreational purpose. The decision was led by following the trends of Oregon (2014), Alaska (2014), Washington (2012) and Colorado (2012).

The new regulations for the use of marijuana have been applied to the marijuana industry. However, the legalization of marijuana wines is a hazier concept. The prop has not indicated any direct concern with that. But, if we look at the other pot-friendly states, it is observed that they strictly disallow weed wine production. Probably, California is the only state where you can get weed-infused wine without any restriction.

Origin of marijuana-infused wine:
There is no doubt to say that mint and honey infused wines are popular from ancient times. But the great news is that some archaeologists and historians have also reported the existence of weed wines in the long past. It is believed that weed wines belong to the same era when mint wines were used popularly, but the only difference is that min infused collections are being used on a regular basis; especially in the weekend dinners of the rich communities whereas weed wines are not so common among users.

Some historical facts reveal that during ancient times, the weed wine was used by all religions, including all creeds and colors. The ancient Greeks, as well as the early Christians, make use of pot-infused great wine during celebrations and get-togethers.

Few reports also reveal that weed-infused great wine is not a new concept for the Californian vintners. Rather, many of the Californian winemakers are making it even when marijuana was not legalized in the country. However, instead of selling it to the market, the produce was generally shared with the friends and family. But as the marijuana industry is booming these days, the concept of weed wine is being discussed openly. You can also find many marijuana wines, making recipes online to try it at home.