Napa Valley is famous for producing different types of wine from the wineries in these parts. However, recently Napa was in the news facing a lawsuit for racial discrimination. Three African American workers have sought the assistance of a wrongful termination attorney for suing against racial discrimination at the workplace.

They were hired by a national staffing agency called Aerotek at a local family-run winery. They performed the task to load and unload the types of wine containers.

All about the Lawsuit
Aerotek hired these three African American employees as temporary special project workers. They were working with the family-run winery at Salida, but they received their wages from Aerotek. The supervising staff of the unit, which makes varied types of wine, comprised of several workers from the Hispanic ethnicity. The issue happened when a supervisor called these workers as ‘Mayates,’ an offensive slur in Spanish, referring to the African Americans. When he said this, the other Hispanic staff members joined in and laughed at this slur.

This happened three different times, after which one of the African American employees went and complained to the manager in the winery. The next day, however, she was fired from that position, and the supervisor refused to transfer her to any other position at another job site. Along with her, the other two African Americans were also terminated by the winery.

After this termination, the worker who had sent an email to Aerotek about this incident also informed them of the termination in 24 hours after reporting this incident. The staffing agency, however, did not respond to the email immediately. Finally, the manager sent a voice message to her, but when she tried to call them
back, they did not respond.

Thus, the wrongful termination attorney has filed a lawsuit against the winery and Aerotek. As per the complaint, the employees could have been relocated to another job site. But, the discriminated employees are still seeking compensation for the lost wages, benefits, and the physical and mental trauma faced due to racial discrimination. On proving this complaint, both the staffing agency and the winery could face serious punishment as per the Californian law and the federal law.

Color discrimination is illegal, which involves treating someone unfavorably because of skin complexion. If you are facing such discrimination at your workplace, too, speak out to the legal expert or a wrongful termination attorney. They will help you get justice and work without the fear of any such discrimination.