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African American Employees Sue Winery

Napa Valley is famous for producing different types of wine from the wineries in these parts. However, recently Napa was in the news facing a lawsuit for racial discrimination. Three African American workers have sought the assistance of a wrongful termination attorney for suing against racial discrimination at the workplace.

They were hired by a national staffing agency called Aerotek at a local family-run winery. They performed the task to load and unload the types of wine containers.

All about the Lawsuit
Aerotek hired these three African American employees as temporary special project workers. They were working with the family-run winery at Salida, but they received their wages from Aerotek. The supervising staff of the unit, which makes varied types of wine, comprised of several workers from the Hispanic ethnicity. The issue happened when a supervisor called these workers as ‘Mayates,’ an offensive slur in Spanish, referring to the African Americans. When he said this, the other Hispanic staff members joined in and laughed at this slur.

This happened three different times, after which one of the African American employees went and complained to the manager in the winery. The next day, however, she was fired from that position, and the supervisor refused to transfer her to any other position at another job site. Along with her, the other two African Americans were also terminated by the winery.

After this termination, the worker who had sent an email to Aerotek about this incident also informed them of the termination in 24 hours after reporting this incident. The staffing agency, however, did not respond to the email immediately. Finally, the manager sent a voice message to her, but when she tried to call them
back, they did not respond.

Thus, the wrongful termination attorney has filed a lawsuit against the winery and Aerotek. As per the complaint, the employees could have been relocated to another job site. But, the discriminated employees are still seeking compensation for the lost wages, benefits, and the physical and mental trauma faced due to racial discrimination. On proving this complaint, both the staffing agency and the winery could face serious punishment as per the Californian law and the federal law.

Color discrimination is illegal, which involves treating someone unfavorably because of skin complexion. If you are facing such discrimination at your workplace, too, speak out to the legal expert or a wrongful termination attorney. They will help you get justice and work without the fear of any such discrimination.

How to Make Marijuana Infused Wine

benefits from marijuana

Marijuana infused wine is for individuals who just want a little extra in their wine. These products are being sold legally in various states in the cannabis market. It offers cannabis enthusiasts an opportunity to drink a delicious beverage that is filled with several benefits from marijuana. To purchase this wine, you have to live in a legal cannabis state. Not to mention they are quite expensive. So, to circumvent the legal restrictions and prices, many individuals are making their own marijuana infused wine at home.

There are countless recipes for infusing your wine. Following is one of the simple methods:


Get at least four ounces of stems. Add as much leaves as you want as they make the wine better. However, avoid adding seeds since they don’t have any THC in them and they also make the marijuana infused wine taste bad. Apart from these, following are the required


• One cake of fresh active yeast

• 3lbs of sugar, either refined or white

• A lemon and two fresh oranges


benefits from marijuana

Here’s the equipment you will need:

• Old nylon stockings

• A 3-foot length of plastic tubing

• Several smaller bottles

• 2 one-gallon jugs with caps


Follow these steps:

  • Decarboxylate Your Marijuana

In order to activate the THC and get the desired benefits from marijuana, you will need to heat it. The marijuana holds THCA in its natural state and its energy can only be released via heating. Break up and scatter an eighth of your favorite strain across a baking dish. After that, cover it all with aluminum foil, then bake it for twenty minutes at 220°F. Then, let it cool.

  • Grind the Product
benefits from marijuana

Grind the baked marijuana into a dry tea consistently via a marijuana grinder or mortar and pestle.

  • Create Tea Bags

Shape the tea bags out of cheesecloth. Avoid packing the packets too tightly or overfilling them. Submerge the marijuana bags in the bottle of white or red wine of your choice and then pour them into a bowl. Don’t forget to tie the cheesecloth corners tightly at the top.

  • Chill the Wine

Cover the bowl with cellophane and let it steep in the refrigerator for 48 hours. After every four hours, stir the wine to reduce the settling and improve the extraction. Next, remove the bowl from the refrigerator and marijuana bags from the brew. After that, use a fine cheesecloth to strain it repeatedly in order to eliminate any debris. Once the extraction results are improved, save the wine in its original bottle and put an original cork on it to get the maximum benefits from marijuana infused wine.

  • Try it Again

You should learn how to adjust the process and ingredients after your first try. You cannot expect perfection the first time. So, it is recommended that you pay attention to the potency and tastes. You may find the marijuana aromas and taste too strong, or you may not like the effects. Fortunately, you have multiple options. You can add essences of spices and fruits to taste.

Wine and possible drug interactions

You are most likely acquainted with the drug or wine interaction warning labels that seem each time you get your prescription bottle. However, how seriously do you take them? The Do Not Drink Alcohol name ought to be paid attention to maintain a strategic distance from the possibility of dangerous, or even deadly, drug interactions. You might be at risk, and not by any means know it.

What Medication you can’t Drink Wine With

drug interactions

What happens when you mix wine with drugs? That is the unavoidable issue. Since truly several medications can prompt wine interactions, it is critical to review your medicines and speak with your pharmacist or other healthcare supplier to check for clinically huge drug-wine reaction whenever you begin another prescription.

Despite the fact that some research proposes that moderate wine consumption is heart healthy, certain medications and wine have the ability to interfere with your effective drug therapy. You can get wine discounts by utilizing prescription discount card.

Make sure to check on your prescription drugs, just as your over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, herbals, and dietary supplements like vitamins. At the point when joined with alcohol or wine some over the counter drugs can have serious interactions, as well. In any case, don’t quit utilizing any medications without first conversing with your physician.

Wine is Likely Effective For:

• Preventing diseases of the heart and circulatory system, for example, stroke, heart attack, “solidifying of the arteries”, and chest pain. There’s some proof that drinking wine could do well to the heart.

• Drinking just one alcoholic beverage for every day or having alcohol for 3 to 4 days of the week is a good principle guideline for individuals who drink alcohol. However, don’t drink multiple drinks every day. Drinking more than 2 drinks daily could expand the risk of by and large death just as dying from heart infection. Here is the thing that researchers have found:

o Drinking the alcoholic beverages, counting wine, by healthy individuals appears to decrease the risk of creating heart illness. Restrained alcohol use decreases the risk of coronary heart infection, atherosclerosis, and heart attack by approximately 30% to half when contrasted and nondrinkers.

o Light to Restrained alcohol use decreases the risk of having the kind of stroke that is brought about by coagulation in the blood vessel, yet expands the risk of having the sort of stroke brought about by a broken blood vessel.

o Light to moderate alcohol consumption in the year prior to a first heart attack is associated with a diminished cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk contrasted and non-consumers.

o In men with built up coronary heart malady, consumption of 1-14 alcoholic drinks for each week, including wine, doesn’t appear to have any impact on heart infection or all-cause mortality contrasted and men who drink short of what one beverage for every week. Drinking at least three drinks for each day is associated with improved likelihood of death in men with a history of heart attacks.

• Reducing the risk of dying from heart ailment and stroke and different causes. There is some evidence that light to moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks can diminish the risk of all-cause death in individuals who are middle-aged and older.

Wine is Possibly effective For:

• Maintaining philosophy skills with the aging. Old men who have a past of drinking an alcoholic beverage for every day appear to keep up better general deduction capacity during their late 80s contrasted with non-consumers. In any case, drinking in excess of four alcoholic drinks for every day during middle age is by all accounts connected with altogether poorer reasoning capacity further down the road.

• Preventing the congestive heart failure. There is some evidence that expending one to four alcoholic drinks for each day decreases the risk of heart failure in individuals aged 65 years or older.

• Preventing diabetes and heart ailment in individuals with diabetes. Individuals who drink alcohol, including wine, in moderate amounts appear to have a lower risk of creating type 2 diabetes. Individuals with diabetes who devour alcohol in moderate amounts appear to have a decreased risk of coronary heart sickness contrasted and non-consumers with sort 2 diabetes. The risk decrease is like that found in healthy individuals who expend light to moderate amounts of alcohol.

• Preventing ulcers brought about by a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori. There’s some proof that moderate to high use of alcohol every week from beverages, for example, beer and wine can decrease the risk of H. pylori disease.

Are There any Safety Concerns?

Wine is harmless for most grown-ups when close to 2 5-ounce glasses are drunk every day. Dodge higher amounts. Bigger amounts might cause confusion, flushing, blackouts, seizures, vomiting, trouble walking, and different serious problems. You can get wine on discounts by utilizing prescription discount card.

Long haul utilization of a lot of wine causes numerous serious health issues such as dependence, liver problems, heart problems, mental problems, pancreas problems as well as particular kinds of cancer.

Drug Interactions with Wine or Alcohol

As indicated by a study conducted by the NIH taking a gander at drugs and wine, the most well-known medications that interacted with alcohol included these drug classes:

• High blood pressure medicine and alcohol

• Sleeping pills and Anxiety Medication

• Pain medications

• Cholesterol medications

• Skeletal muscle relaxants Diabetes prescription

• Antidepressants

• Antipsychotics

Cardiovascular medications, focal sensory system operators like narcotic or sedatives pain relievers, for example, diabetes medication was the most regularly utilized drug classes utilized by current consumers in the research.

Blood pressure medication and consumption of wine is an interaction that ought to dependably be reviewed with a pharmacist, albeit many blood pressure meds as well as alcohol are sheltered to join in moderation. Blood pressure and alcohol medicine drug interactions might be underestimated leading to hypotension now and again.

The mix of painkillers and wine is likewise of incredible concern, and ought to dependably be abstained from, considering the US narcotic epidemic. The utilization of alcohol and the pain medications such as narcotics together might disrupt breathing and might be deadly.

Drinking a glass or 2 of wine causes no health problems. Excess of everything is bad so, keep away from having a lot of wine or alcohol. You can get wine on discounts by using prescription discount card and enjoy with your friends and mates.

Marijuana Wine: Everything You Need to Know

Marijuana Wine! Seems like an exciting term; especially to those who are in love with weed and wine as well. It appears like fulfilling both your wishes in one go.

With the legalization of marijuana in most countries, many creative people are making efforts to design more advanced products of this natural herb and marijuana wine is one of the most popular inventions among all.

From past several years, we are more aware of aromatized and infused wines only. You might have heard about the fermented grape wines, mint-infused collections, honey flavors, and the exotic snake wine that is popular in Vietnam. But there is something unique about weed wine. Indeed, it is a step ahead of the fortified and aromatized wines.

Are marijuana wines legal?
Well, there is no clear answer to this question. If we consider the rules and regulations that were revised in November 2016, marijuana has been legalized in California for recreational needs. Majority of people at that time voted in favor of Prop 64, and with this, the Golden State become the latest state in the United States to legalized ganja for recreational purpose. The decision was led by following the trends of Oregon (2014), Alaska (2014), Washington (2012) and Colorado (2012).

The new regulations for the use of marijuana have been applied to the marijuana industry. However, the legalization of marijuana wines is a hazier concept. The prop has not indicated any direct concern with that. But, if we look at the other pot-friendly states, it is observed that they strictly disallow weed wine production. Probably, California is the only state where you can get weed-infused wine without any restriction.

Origin of marijuana-infused wine:
There is no doubt to say that mint and honey infused wines are popular from ancient times. But the great news is that some archaeologists and historians have also reported the existence of weed wines in the long past. It is believed that weed wines belong to the same era when mint wines were used popularly, but the only difference is that min infused collections are being used on a regular basis; especially in the weekend dinners of the rich communities whereas weed wines are not so common among users.

Some historical facts reveal that during ancient times, the weed wine was used by all religions, including all creeds and colors. The ancient Greeks, as well as the early Christians, make use of pot-infused great wine during celebrations and get-togethers.

Few reports also reveal that weed-infused great wine is not a new concept for the Californian vintners. Rather, many of the Californian winemakers are making it even when marijuana was not legalized in the country. However, instead of selling it to the market, the produce was generally shared with the friends and family. But as the marijuana industry is booming these days, the concept of weed wine is being discussed openly. You can also find many marijuana wines, making recipes online to try it at home.

Wine & Weed Symposium: A Synergy for Better Pairings and Healthy Uses

The wine and weed industries shared a lot in common, except that until now, one operates in the open while the other operates behind the veil. With recreational marijuana now having legal backing, experts and thought leaders in the two industries are now building synergy through series of cannabis conventions so as to come up with more healthy pairings that could pass as “cannabis wine.”

Reports show that Medical marijuana has already been legalized in 33 states in the U.S. These include: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia. This development has put to rest several myths surrounding the legality and usage of recreational marijuana. Now, it’s time for more explorations and innovations in the two industries. Wine and weed pairings can bring about thousands of dollars investment opportunities.

Exploring Opportunities through Collaborative Efforts
The new legal status of recreational and medical marijuana has brought about a new reality, and industry leaders and stakeholders are leaving no stone un-turned in the exploration of the similarities between wine and weed industries, as well as potential opportunities that could come up from collaborative efforts among various players in the value-chain. Hence, more and more Cannabis Conventions are springing up, with the sole purpose of finding common grounds between the two industries.

For instance, The Wine Industry Network (WIN) has announced that the 2019 Wine & Weed Symposium will be held on August 8 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, CA. The focus of the 2019 Wine & Weed Symposium is to bringing together wine & cannabis industry thought leaders & innovators from across the U.S. that are interested in exploring the collaborative & educational opportunities that exist between Wine & Weed. Of course, California has been known globally for being a powerful force in the wine scene for several decades. Likewise, the state has not been doing badly when it comes to production of high quality cannabis either. Hence, California remains one of the best places for collaborative discussions on wine & weed. This year’s event definitely holds a lot of promises.

Industry experts recognized the fact that both wine & weed are grown in the rural areas before they found their ways to the cities. Hence, there has been more emphasis on advancing agricultural process and improving quality of outputs. More also, since both wine and weed shared common consumers, and will, most likely, be overseen by the same government regulatory agencies, there is need for regular and continuous wine and cannabis convention to deliberate on issues regarding legal, financial, compliance, as well as distribution regulations. The synergy between the two industries can create new opportunities as players continued to achieve new feat with their collaborative efforts.

Collaboration for Improved Pairing and Healthy Uses
With the evolution of marijuana into the mainstream, consumers are already fantasizing about the different pairing and flavoring possibilities. Hence, there are more and more talks about cannabis wine now than ever before. But, leaders and innovators in both industries are more concern about safety and health implications of pairing to consumers. Of course, pairing of wine and weed is nothing new to many consumers, but the urge to give their taste buds some exciting experience with new and tasty cannabis wines from more innovative pairings have started to gain momentum.

The truth about the whole scenario is that there is really a true tasting experience to be had with marijuana. Hence, experts in both industries, as well as people who know the depths and ranges of wine tasting have started to look at how to create multiple tasting experience with marijuana, just as we already had with wines.

In reality, a lot of innovative ideas can be built around cannabis wine, including adding of premium flavors. It should, however, be noted that wine and weed pairing do not work equally for everyone. Thus, for the sake of health and safety, experts and stakeholders should recommend that those trying new pairings for the first time or revisiting it after a bad experience should start slow as they explore the different forms of these combinations with their taste buds. The issue of safety and health implications should always be of paramount consideration as explorations continue.

The Concluding Note
There is no doubt that an exciting future awaits consumers of wines and weeds. Of course, with the evolution of marijuana, and increasing collaborations of stakeholders in the wine and weed industries, it will not be wrong to say that interesting times lie ahead for stakeholders in both industries. The one-day Wine & Weed Symposium coming up in August, which is a gathering of wine and cannabis industry professionals and thought leaders, will further help to create the synergy needed to explore and expand emerging opportunities in both industries. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch events as they unfold prior to the symposium.

How to Remove Red Wine from a Rug

The red wine spill is one of the things that homeowners fear the most. However, you should know that a red wine stain on the rug does not mean the end of it. There are several ways to remove red wine stains and get the rug looking new again. The methods to do it are the same for luxurious and cheap rugs.

As with any spill, a red wine rug stain should be worked on the minute that it hits your rug. If you wait a long time before cleaning the stain, it will become almost impossible for you to remove at a later time. Following are some methods to remove red wine from a rug:

Using a Wet Cloth

You will need to pat the area that contains red wine stains with a wet cloth so that the wine is absorbed in the cloth. Don’t rub at the stain because it will result in pushing the stain deeper into the fibers. You want to pat the stain until the cloth cannot lift any more of it.

Using White Wine

You can remove the red wine stains from the rug by chasing the spill with white wine. Fill a glass of white wine and pour it directly onto the red wine stain. This will make the red wine disappear from your rug completely. This method is generally used on cheap rugs.

If White Wine is Not Available

If white wine is not available, then you should make a solution of dish soap and water and place it in a spray bottle. Now spray the solution onto the red wine stain but make sure that the area of the spill is not soaked. You should only release small amount of the soapy mixture that is sufficient to get the stain removed. Afterwards, gently daub at the spill with a new clean towel until the stain is completely removed.

Another great solution that you can make at home is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. Apply this mix to the red wine stains. Don’t apply too much though as it will start to lose its power to clean quickly. Before you vacuum the rug, it is recommended that you make sure that the rug is completely dry. This is because if you run the vacuum while a stain is still in the rug, it may cause the stain to spread.

Using Stain Removing Products

Apart from home remedies, there are many stain-removing products available on the market that you can try. You can easily find a product that will remove and clean red wine spill. These cleaners are suitable for all kinds of rugs, including cheap rugs. However, you should only buy these products if the home remedies fail to get the job done. Many of these cleaning products are high in toxicity, so you should avoid them for as long as you can, particularly if you have kids or pets in your home.

Wine Insiders from Costco

Did you happen to come across the great wine collection at Costco? Andrew Cullen, the founder of Costco Wine Blog and Erin Reyes, the editor of Costco Wine Blog, offered some pretty useful insights as wine insiders to choose a wine at Costco. Both of them specifically pointed out to Kirkland-label wine among the best choices. Bear in mind that this brand is known to be the in-store brand of Costco’s.

Cullen explained that the choice of Kirkland Signature wines offers an excellent advantage for wine shoppers who regularly shop at Costco. He warned that there are some fake Kirkland wines which are sold at higher places and that the real ones are only available at Costco.

Reyes opined that the exclusivity of Kirkland wines was a major reason why it is a leading brand, as she believes that this wine has a matchless taste. Furthermore, she stated that Costco aims to produce these wines through two strategies.

  • Purchase the required juice and proceed with the rebottling process.
  • Engage in the purchase and initiate the relabeling of the bottled wines.

The duo also expressed their opinion on some of the best wines from Costco’s extensive list of wines.

Simi Chardonnay

Simi Chardonnay is widely available around the wine industry. However, Reyes believes that people would still choose Costco to purchase it due to its affordability. She said that often at times, the price of the wine boils down to $8.99.

Joseph Phelps Insignia

Who does not know of Joseph Phelps Insignia? It is indeed one of the most well-known wines out there. While Cullen disclosed the wine’s availability to other stores as well, he is positive that the wine is priced cheaper at Costco. As an example, he referenced the 2013 vintage which costs around $225,while at Costco sells it for less than $200 with some deals lowering the price to less than $180, thereby helping wine insiders to save almost $50 bucks!

Stonestreet Sonoma Street Chardonnay

Cullen became a fan of Stonestreet Sonoma Street Chardonnay. To reflect his love for the brand, he used the term “went bonkers” and attributed terms like “phenomenal” to the wine. However, he was not too happy with the timing of its release. He expressed dissatisfaction over the wine’s unavailability in the summers where he believes that the wine could have been more valuable.

Spanish Wines

Authentic and high-quality Spanish wines are hard to come by. Fortunately for Cullen, Costco is fully loaded with such wines. He complimented the wide and impressive range of Costco’s Spanish wines and recommended wine drinkers to have a taste.

Kirkland Cotes de Provence Rosé

According to Cullen, this wine boasts a strong demand, therefore if you plan to have it; you must be quick to take one. Cullen singled-out it pricing as one of the factors behind it success. The $11.99 price tag of the wine is too tempting for many, as most people enjoy it during the summers.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine you Might Not Know About

Wine is a must for fancy dinners and celebrations. It also works wonders when you have to unwind after a long day of work. This delicious nectar relaxes your mind and brings you happiness. But did you know that it also has some amazing health benefits? Yes, moderate consumption of wine is actually good for your physical health.

Now, let’s move on to the fun part. If you are not home and don’t have a wine glass, a can of Rose All Day will be a perfect companion for you while you read this blog post. Following are some of the amazing health benefits of drinking wine:

  • It Has Antioxidants

Antioxidants are considered to have superhero-like status when it comes to fighting skin wrinkles and dangerous health conditions like cancer. The can of Rose All Day in your hand actually contains antioxidants that are fighting the free radicals and keeping your skin young and fresh.

  • It Gives Your Immune System a Boost

Did you know that a glass or a can of Rose All day has the ability to give your immune system a boost? Yes, moderate consumption of wine can help keep the infections at bay.

Don’t get carried away, though. Too much wine will give you a massive hangover and no boost.

  • It Helps Increase Your Bone Density

Milk and vitamins are great for your bones, but nothing can beat a can of Rose All Day. Your bones get weaker with age and can have an effect on your daily life. Brittle bones can also break easily and cause you pain. And let’s not forget about the medical bills that will pile up.

A glass of milk in the morning and a can of Rose All Day in the evening will keep your bones strong.

  • It Reduces the Risk of Stroke
Wine Health Benefits

Stroke is caused due to clotted blood in your vessels. Wine is known to be a natural blood thinner. Moderate consumption of Rose All Day not only helps in unwinding after a long day but will also reduce the risk of stroke.

However, remember that moderation is the key here. Too much alcohol can have a negative effect on your health and increase the chances of heart problems.

  • It Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death. And one of the things that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease is red wine. The wine contains phenols called procyanidins which helps improve blood flow and lowers the risk of heart disease. Who knew something as delicious as Rose All Day can lower the risk of this deadly condition!

  • It Can Lower the Levels of Cholesterol

The same phenol that promotes healthy heart health also helps lower the levels of cholesterol. High cholesterol is known to trigger conditions like stroke and hypertension. This calls for a can of Rose All Day!

A can of Rose All Day keeps health conditions at bay!

Wine Marketing Consultant

Whether your company offers some kind of a service or you are selling handmade carpets, or you own a winery you need to market your business. It is very important that the products that you offer have good quality. Especially at this age, almost everything you offer some other company is offering a better version of it. Competition is always a part of having a business. There are many different ways and methods you can use to market your company such as promotional products, digital marketing, branding, etc.

We all know just having a business is not going to make it a successful one. It needs constant attention and we need to use many different methods in marketing to keep the company going. Marketing is a very important portion of a business. But when it comes to planning a marketing plan you might face some difficulties. Because You do not have the time or enough experience to know how you can market your brand.

If you own a winery, the quality of the wines is a very important part of your business but at the same time, you need a good marketing plan that you might not be able to come up with. That is why you need a wine marketing consultant or a marketing agent to help you with your business.

Why you need a marketing agent

  • More experience: The most important part of hiring a wine marketing consultant is that they have better skills and more experiences to come up with a great plan that is going to benefit you greatly. Make sure that you are hiring a professional who knows what he/she is doing. Otherwise, you are going to waste a lot of money and time and a bad marketing can have a terrible and permanent effect on your winery. However, a good marketing plan can make your wine world-known. So make sure you are getting help from a professional

  • More time for you: When you hire a marketing agent, you will leave the marketing to them and you can focus on the better quality of your wines. If you don’t have a marketing agent you are going to have to do all that work on your own and that is almost impossible. And even if you do get to produce wine and market your business you are not going to do a very good job and more money will be wasted. But a marketing agent can help you save more time to focus on your products.

  • New, creative ideas: A professional wine marketing consultant is going to have better ideas than you because most probably they have enough knowledge and enough experiences to come up with effective and creative marketing plans.

What a marketing agent does

  • Research: first thing a wine marketing consultant does, is research. It is very important to know your client up to some points and find out about their interests and their tastes preferences. This is not only going to help your agent to come up with better ideas but to help you improve your products and if you have just started a winery it is going to help you understand what products you need to produce more.

  • Planning: Your agent is going to start planning based on the information that he/she has gathered. The agent comes up with a marketing plan to help increase your sells. There are many different ways that an agent can use to market a business. One of the most important marketing strategies for winey is to come up with a catchy logo and name. When your wine bottles have a catchy label then it is going to attract many people towards itself. Another form of marketing winery is storytelling. This is a very effective way to attract people. People usually love to know the stories behind wines.

  • Execution: After your agent has come up with different ideas of marketing he/she is going to carry out the plans which normally takes a couple of months. Marketing is not just for one day or two. It is a process that needs to be done all year, every year.

  • Feedback and analysis: you need to understand that the key to a successful business is to grow it. Learn from experiences and do better next time. In this stage, you need to find out how your wine marketing consultant did with the marketing plan. And decide if you are going to rehire him/her or look for another consultant.

  • Repeat: next time you will be more ready and you can use the information you have already gathered to do a better job. Your agent should do research all over again and all the other steps as well. That’s how you can improve your winery more every year.

Marketing your business, any business is one of the major parts of running a company. A winery, just like any other business that offers products to people, needs a good marketing plan. Hiring a marketing agent is going to be helping you with your business a lot in many different ways that we already mentioned. If you want to run a successful business and want to be able to focus on the production part, you must hire a marketing agent so that you can give your attention to the wines.

Santara Babara Wines

If you are a wine lover or ever visited the wine store regularly to buy wine, then you must have come across Santa Barbara wines. Santa Barbara County is a very big one with a wide range of counties in case you are ever around Santa Barbara. This county is home to over 200 wineries so you can be assured of getting a winery that will suit your taste buds and give you the lavish taste you desire.

With the over 200 wineries available in this county, one might find it really difficult to select a winery as all the wineries in this place looks enticing and appetizing. This article will help you make the perfect selection if you ever consider a trip to the County of Santa Barbara.

Outlined below are the top 5 wineries in Santa Barbara so you can know what to expect and where to visit on your next trip.

  • Municipal Winemakers

This is another amazing spot in Santa Barbara County which offers one of the best Santa Barbara wines. The primary focus of the owners of Municipal winemakers is aimed at presenting wines in this place as pleasantly simple as possible –providing a friendly and honest-to-goodness feeling. You can easily notice the very casual vibes tossed around in this region but notwithstanding the casual look, you can still get very quality wine here. A perfect word to describe the wines in this winery is ‘Exciting’.

  • Saarloos and Sons winery

This winery has been spoken off greatly and literally has to be in every top five list of Santa Barbara wineries. Saarloos and sons winery has a very lush environment and this enables visitors a great feel of comfort and serenity. This winery has a very cool design and is similar to a group of really nice houses housing countless numbers of amazing wines. What’s not to like about that? There is a very wide variety to pick from so you are sure to find something for your soul. Their wines are quite expensive.

  • Rusack vineyards

This is kind of similar to the rural life –the ride down here is a nice and fun experience. On arrival to this vineyard, you are treated to a very awesome view alongside the great wines served in this region.

  • Presq’uile Winery

If you are a Santa Barbara wine lover then you definitely have to visit this winery. This winery is far into Santa Barbara at the north but it’s worth the long drive. Chardonnay grapes, cool coastal breeze, amazing view and lots of others. It has a very beautiful wine tasting room with beautifully tasting wines alongside. There are a number of spots to enjoy your wine in this region.

  • Brander Vineyard

This winery is unique in its own way as the tasting room has amazing artworks to feed your eyes while sipping out of their mind-blowing Santa Barbara wines. The Brander family have earnestly tried to provide a perfect touch to their Sauvignon Blanc –this piece never ceases to stun people. You can comfortably picnic in this winery vineyard and have the best of time with friends and family.

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